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Investment Property Loan Information.

Investing in property has several potential benefits, including rental income, capital growth and negative gearing. If you are a homeowner, you may be able to use the equity you've built up in your home to purchase investment property without any initial outlay. When it comes to making the most of an investment property, finding the right home in the right location is only half the battle; finding the best financing and setting it up correctly is the other half. Many options are available and the home loan you choose will ultimately depend on your particular investment strategy and the type of property.

Loan Comparison

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Seek independent financial advice

Many people turn to property investment for capital growth, tax benefits and future retirement income. Before deciding whether property investment is right for you, it's important that you seek independent financial advice. Loans Home can help you find the right loan for your investment property; however we recommend that you consult with a financial advisor regarding the most appropriate strategy or plan to achieve your financial goals.

Negative gearing

Many property investors structure their finances around the benefits of negative gearing. A negatively geared property investment is one where the return' from rental income is less than the borrowing costs (interest on the amount borrowed). In some cases, the tax department allows the losses incurred on the investment to be offset against other income as tax deductions. Consult with your financial adviser to see how negative gearing can work for you and to check the negative gearing laws in your state.

You can obtain estimates on the Yourmortgage.com.au - Negative Gearing Estimator

Interest only home loans

With an interest only home loan, repayments only cover the interest component. The principal is repaid in full at the end of the loan term (usually three to five years). Because borrowers only repay the interest component, interest only loans have lower repayments than principal and interest loans and may assist with negative gearing benefits.

What are all the costs of buying?

The costs of buying and financing a home include the lender's application fees, possibly mortgage insurance if you are borrowing more than 80% of the property value, your own costs such as conveyancing and inspection costs as well as government duties such as stamp duty.

Visit the  Stamp Duty Calculator .

How much can I borrow?

How much you can borrow depends on the amount of your deposit and your current income. With our comparison service, your Loans Home Consultant can calculate this quickly and easily for you. Please input details on our  How Much Can I Borrow calculator to arrange your loan comparison service and an estimate on your borrowing power.

How much will my repayments be?

Once you have chosen your loan, your Loans Home Consultant will tell you how much your repayments will be.

Use our Loan Repayments Calculator to get an estimate.

Finding the right investment property loan

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